Regular Pujas, Special Pujas and Annadanam

Devotees can perform ABHISHEKAM on various occasions like Birth day, Marriage day, ANUSHAMS etc and the cost under various heads are as under:

1 Sankalpam and Abhishekam 1000
2 Pradosaha Abhishekam 3000
3 Koti Archana 150
4 Paada Puja 150
5 Public Annadanam 4000 per day
6 Patashala Samaradanai 1500 per day

Special occasions like Mahaperiyava Aradhana and Jayanthi

Every year on Aaradhana day and Jayanthi day, Rig, Yajur and Sama Veda Parayanas and Ekadasa Rudrabhishekam are arranged. The general expenses are in the order of:

  1. Vedam Parayanam Rs. 2,40,000.00
  2. Annadaanam (Provisions & Cook) Rs. 75,000.00

Nearly 700 to 800 devotees participate and have food on each occasion.


Annadhanam like Chitra Annam and Curd rice are distributed daily in Paakku thattu or Donnai.
Every Saturday and Sunday/important holidays sweets like laddu/Padhusha/Maida cake/Mysorepak are distributed to devotees.
The cost of provision is about Rs.45,000/- per month.
The labour cost incurred on cooking food for daily Annadhanam and preparation of sweets is around Rs.25,000/- per month.

Maha Periyava Manimantapam Annadhanam Seva Scheme

SSSMM trust has proposed to introduce Annadhanam scheme at Mahaperiava’s shrine, Orikkai, Kancheepuram for the benefit of devotees to participate and get HIS blessings.

Scheme-1 - Yearly Subscription Scheme, Rs 1,000 per year per person (One Day Annadhanam)

In this scheme, a devotee can contribute Rs.1000 and choose a date of importance to his/her in a year for Annadhanam. A Devotee can also choose multiple numbers of days of his/her choice to do Annadhanam for his family/friends also.

Scheme-2 - Life Member Scheme, Donating Rs. 20,000 per person

In this scheme, a devotee can be a life member and can contribute a onetime payment of Rs.20,000 per person and chose one day for Annadhanam per year.
The Devotee can come to Orikkai on the date chosen, receive prasadam and can participate in Annadhanam. If it is not possible, the Annadhanam will be done on his/her behalf and the prasadam will be sent to the donor residential address.

For further details, contact SSSMM TRUST, NEW NO 23, OLD NO.11, FIRST STREET, SOUTH GOPALAPURAM, CHENNAI-600086, PHONE: 98411-82126 / 9841174490 (Orikkai) email:

Contributions for the above Annadhanam schemes can be made in Trust office, Chennai or at Orikkai Manimantapam, Kanchipuram favouring “SSSMM TRUST”. Alternatively Online payments can also be made favouring “SSSMM TRUST”, CANARA BANK, KOTTURPURAM BRANCH, SB AC NO 1550101073693, IFSC CODE: CNRB0001550.

All Donors are requested to provide the details as below for sending the receipt and Prasadam by post.
Name :
Contact Address :
Ph. No. :
Seva Scheme Per Day / Life :
Gothram, Nakshtram :
Preferred Seva Date :
Amount paid :
Online Transfer details /ref :
Email id :

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