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    Sri Acharya went to Kailasa and by the grace of Isvara obtained along
    with the five Lingas the Saundaryalahari consisting of a hundred verses ...
    TO GOD
    Sri Krishna asks Arjuna not to grieve telling him "I will free you from all sins
    (Sarvapaapebhyo mokshayishyaami), if you give up all other Dharma
    (Sarva Dharmaan parityajya), and surrender to Me absolutely"

  • Guru
    Guru is Isvara in human form, but who is, however free from the triple functions
    of creation, preservation and destruction, which pertain only to Iswara. If we have
    absolute faith in him, the guru will shower us with all for which we go to God

About The Manimantapam

Project Schedule

Maha Khumbhabhishekam for the Rajagopuram and Nandi Mantapam concluded successfully on 22nd June 2018 with periyava's grace.

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A Befitting Memorial

The venerable Sage of Kanchi, Sri Sri Sri ChandraSekharendra Saraswati Swamigal, "Maha Periyaval" to millions of His devotees, was the very embodiment of all that is sacred in our scriptures and a spiritual leader of universal appeal.

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Highlights Of The Manimantapam

How the Satabdhi Manimantapam in Orikkai, 5 to 6kms from Kanchiuram on the Uthiramerur Road, came up is a fascinating story,demonstrating once more that 'fact is stranger than fiction'! This is a divine project in honour of the Centenarian Sage of Kanchi :

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Selected Videos


Anugraha Bhashanam by H H Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal for the Manimantapam Project

Maha Periyava Manimantapam at Orikkai - AV Part-II

Kanden Karunai Kadalai - Orikkai Mani Iyer(Sri N. Subramanian)

Aalayam Karunalayam - A visual Insight into the Divine Architectural Marvel

Divine Thoughts

Many acts relating to God, like building temples, digging tanks are performed. While executing them, there would be many difficulties. There would come also several kinds of dishonour. Not minding any of these, they would complete their tasks with mental one-pointedness removing impurities from their minds and letting the mind wander. By straightening their mind, they acquire mind control and at the end, they realise the Reality that is to be known. Digging tanks, building temples and such other acts are called poorttam. The performance of sacrifices, etc., is known as ishtam. Combining these two, we have the word Ishtapoortam.

In order to reach one purport, why should the Veda speak of many matters? This question may arise in our minds. It is through many matters that it is possible to understand that one purport which is Reality - yoga, meditation, austerity, sacrifice, performance of karma; when these are accomplished, what they indicate is that one Reality. It is that Reality which is the true purport of the Veda. Other things are of a changing nature. They become woven into a story and then even that story disappears.



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